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Hookahs for Sale

Hookahs for Sale

Quality Hookah Pipes

We carry a wide variety of high quality traditional and modern hookahs. All of our hookahs are made with stainless steel and feature over-sized stem tubes to provide easy suction and thick smoke.

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hookah tobacco

Hookah Tobacco

Fresh Shisha Tobacco

Hookahshisha.com sells a wide variety of hookah tobacco in a variety of great flavors from name brands such as Social Smoke, Nakhla and Hydro.

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hookah charcoal

Hookah Charcoal

Hookah Coals

We carry the highest quality quick light and natural hookah charcoal on the market from popular brands like Three Kings and Belgian quick light hookah coals and Coconara natural coconut hookah charcoal.

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hookah accessories

Hookah Accessories

Hookah Parts and Acessories

Choose from a large selection of hookah accessories including hookah hoses, replacement glass hookah bases, tobacco bowls, hose tips and many other hookah parts or accessories you may need.

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